The Ragnar Collection Superior Driving Harness-5 Colour

The Ragnar Collection


The Ragnar Collection Superior Driving Harness .

* This Webbing Horse Harness has the best English pattern saddle on the horse back. It has fully padded bottom to ensure maximum comfort for exact fitting.

*It has padded under girth and very strong double layered upper band strapping for overall circumference.

* It has fully padded breastplate to ensure maximum comfort.

* Traces are two layer and 29mm wide.

* It has fully padded back plate (breaching) to ensure maximum comfort.

* Driving Reins are 18mm wide with 3 buckles.

* Headstall is designed as per English pattern; the winkers are made of nylon with iron plates insides.

* It has double layer and stitched nose band.

* Crupper is with the nice handcrafted tail part provided two buckles for easy fit. Made with extra padding for more comfort All your driving needs in one complete set Set contains : Bridle, Reins, Traces, Breast Collar, Crupper, Breeching

Available in Baby Shetland Shetland Pony Cob Full






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