SURGICAL SCRUB-Skin Cleanser (same use as Hibiscrub/Triscrub)

The Ragnar Collection


The Ragnar Collection

Surgical Scrub

This product has similar properties and active ingredients as 

Hibiscrub / Triscrub (Chlorhexidine).

Suitable as a general skin disinfectant and as a antiseptic handwash.

The Ragnar Collection 'Surgical Scrub' is made with 2% Chlorhexidine (compared to 4% in Hibiscrub). It also has added essential oils which in combination make it a slighlty gentler formulation for use on animals.

For animal use

Normal Use: Mix 1 part solution to 7 parts water.

Heavy Use: Use 25ml, rinse and repeat, rinse again & dry.

As a surgical scrub

Wet hands and wash with 5ml of solution for one minute. Rinse thoroughly and dry.


Apply to a small test area before use to check for sensitivity.

Do Not Swallow. Avoid contact with eyes - wash out promptly and thoroughly with water.




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