Uses for Flowers of Sulphur

What is flowers of sulphur?
Flowers Of Sulphur (FOS) is also known as yellow sulphur (sulfur) powder, is a bright yellow powder obtained from naturally-occurring volcanic brimstone deposits.

FOS is a natural mineral that has been used for centuries. In ancient texts such as the bible it is called brimstone, and 2,000 years ago.

You can buy flowers of sulphur at pet shops and animal stock feed stores. Farmers, those with animal stock, and pet breeders have used it for many decades, but the pharmaceutical and medical industries prefer that people do not know about it. It is too cheap and too effective.
When you look at Flowers of Sulphur under a microscope the crystals resemble flowers, hence the name.
Flowers of sulphur is not the same as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is also a source of sulphur.

Flowers of sulphur uses / properties
Flowers of sulphur is an antiseptic and anti-fungal. It is suitable for use on humans, animals, vegetables, fruits, flowers and as a gardening additive in the soil. It is safe to ingest in the correct quantities provided it comes from a reputable source.
Skin. Dry, scaly reduces scratching.

 Sulphur is critical to many of the body's biological processes. Without adequate sulphur, glucose metabolism is inhibited. You become glucose intolerant, energy is low, and all manner of skeletal and muscle . This can lead to weight gain. When sulphur deficiency occurs with a low fat diet, the problem becomes more serious as the additional sugars present in a low fat diet are converted to fat and released into the bloodstream/.

Insect protection (chiggers/mites, fleas, mosquitoes). Douse your legs and shoes with powdered sulfur before walking through grass or bush and you will remain bite free.

Hair. Aids hair growth, assists healthy hair.
Nails. Healthy, fast-growing nails.

Animals - FOS treats most  in pets and farm animals. It kills and repels fleas, ticks, mites and lice.


Ants. Pour a trail around an ants nest, sulphur is a safe way to eradicate ants.

How to use flowers of sulphur

You can apply flowers of sulphur directly to your skin as a dry powder. Shake it on, rub it in, or use a powder puff or a flour shaker. Use it like talcum powder (note: We do not recommend talcum powder as it is harmful to both skin and lungs).
When using it on your skin, test it with a small quantity at first, and then use whatever quantity seems to be effective for your particular situation and apply in a well ventilated area.

You can mix FOS with skin oils and skin creams, for use on your own skin, also for pets, farm animals and poultry.

To make , use coconut oil, palm oil, petroleum jelly, olive oil, cocoa butter or any other skin oil as you need. Slowly warm the oil to melt it, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of sulphur powder to a cup of oil, mix well and allow to cool.

Animals. To use Flowers of sulphur in their fur, mix 1 part Flowers of Sulphur with 2 parts talcum powder. Part the coat and rub in gently on body, head and back of ears. Make sure you are in a ventilated area as talc powder is damaging to your lungs.

If you use neat Flowers of Sulphur without adding talcum powder on cats and some other animals, it makes their coats (fur) very dry and brittle resulting in breakage.

Flowers of Sulphur is also highly-effective when mixed with Pig Oil for horses and other animals. It will protect their coat in damp conditions.

You can add FOS powder to animal's food. However it is difficult to add to their water as it tends to float rather than dissolve in the water.

However you want to use Flowers of Sulphur, please test on a small unaffected area first prior to general use to check for allergic reaction.  If you or your animal should have a reaction, simply wash the area and apply a little cream, such as E45 or Sudocrem.